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EDUCATIFF – media and cinematographic education program

EducaTIFF is the first media and cinematographic education program implemented by APFR, which started in 2009 with the aim of (re)igniting the passion of the young and very young public for the importance of cinematographic. The program influenced the first steps towards a solid agenda and coherent media education school programs. Initiated as part of the Transilvania International Film Festival, the program reached its 14th edition in 2022.

EducaTIFF is an educational platform with activities for students and teachers, organized throughout the year. The program has been replicated in several events in different areas of the country: TIFF Cluj-Napoca, TIFF Oradea, TIFF Sibiu, Alba Iulia Music and Film Festival, Sunscreen Film & Arts Festival (Constanța) and Cinelatino Festival (Călăraşi, Câmpina, Zalău).

Through the activities within EducaTIFF, students expand their film culture and media literacy skills – the ability to analyze a media product, and express their point of view on it. EducaTIFF supports the implementation of cinematographic education in the Romanian education system.

Since 2022, EducaTIFF started a film education program in schools, called Ora de Cinema (Cinema Class). Thus, high school students and teachers have at their disposal, free of charge, a catalog of short films with pedagogical files, as well as theoretical files about cinematography. All these materials are designed starting from the counseling and orientation curriculum for the high school level. More information at https://oradecinema.tiff.ro/.

EducaTIFF 2009-2022

+ 140 films dedicated to young audiences

+ 3000 participants/year

+ 60 workshops and activities related to the art of cinematography

+ 50 schools involved

What is the purpose of EducaTIFF?

• to form, starting from a very young age, an informed film audience;

• to initiate the first steps towards a solid and coherent agenda of film education school programs;

• to influence the development of critical thinking and analytical power of young people;

• to (re)ignite the passion of the young and very young public for the importance of cinematographic art;

• to encourage young people to use film as support for their own creativity.

Activities within EducaTIFF:

• Screenings of European films, followed by discussions/debates on the topics related, moderated by film critics.

• Workshops supported by specialists in the audio-visual field, on various topics: film criticism, animation, directing, illustrative drawing, etc.

TIFF în Familie (TIFF for Families) – workshops and activities for the whole family in Florești (Cluj county) during TIFF

Young Audience Award – young people from Cluj vote the winner of the Best European Youth Film Award. The event is organized annually by the European Film Academy and takes place simultaneously in 42 European countries.

Let’s Go Digital! (LGD) – is a film workshop intended for teenagers between 14-18 years old, from all over the country, passionate about film and photography. Created in 2005, LGD quickly became one of the most popular projects of the Transilvania International Film Festival, with the aim of promoting film education among teenagers, as well as discovering new talents.


9 – 18 June 2023 at TIFF Cluj-Napoca All year round – Ora de Cinema (Cinema Class) November 2023 – Young Audience Award