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Every year, 12 teenagers get in touch with the cinematography world and go through all the stages of film making during the Let’s Go Digital workshop! (LGD). The creative workshop gives them a chance to explore the film world under the guidance of industry experts.

Now at the 20th edition, Let’s Go Digital! is a springboard for creative young people interested in developing a career in the film industry. Since the launch of the program until today, more than 400 high school students have enjoyed the Let’s Go Digital! experience. Most of them have subsequently completed studies in the field and have solid careers in the industry. Among the most well-known are the filmmaker Andrei Huțuleac (The Tree of Desires: Childhood Memories, #doogpoopgirl), the actor, director and screenwriter Anghel Damian (Călătoria fantastica a Maronei, Celed), the directors Teona Galgoțiu, Luiza Pârvu, Anda Pușcaș and Ana Maria Comănescu , editors Letitia Ștefănescu (Sieranevada), Răzvan Ilinca, Ștefan Pârlog, operators Tudor Platon and Vladimir Bulza, critics Irina Trocan and Iulia Voicu.

For 10 days, project participants get in touch with the film world from the inside, intensively going through all the stages of a film’s production: from idea to realization. They were guided by professionals from Romanian cinema (Sorin Botoșeneanu, Neil Coltofeanu, Vlad Petri, Tudor Jurgiu, Alexandru Popescu and Dana Bunescu), they worked on professional filming equipment and had access to all the events of the festival.

The 10 participants (LGD juniors) are working in teams to create short films, which are then screened at TIFF. Since 2007, Let’s Go Digital! invites 2 former participants (LGD seniors) each edition, with the role of guiding the beginners and realizing a making-of of the workshop.


2023, JUNE, 9-18