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Starting 2018, Romania’s biggest film festival, Transilvania IFF, extends its activities in a new city: Oradea.

TIFF Oradea aims to present Romanian, Hungarian and foreign films which will be released on screens in the fall, the audience from Oradea being thus privileged with premiere viewings of award-winning films or box-office successes. TIFF Oradea also features film screenings with live music score, presented in premiere in Romania. A selection of the best titles present at Transilvania IFF Cluj, screenings in the presence of special guests and film crews transform each year the city of Oradea in the capital of film. TIFF Oradea is co-organized with Oradea City Hall, through Visit Oradea.

TIFF Oradea in figures:

3 days of festival

Over 30 movies

Previews & national premieres, multi-awarded international films, films and workshops for children, exceptional cine-concerts

5 unique venues

Over 20 guests

More than 50 volunteers

Romanian-Hungarian bilingual program

Among the guests of previous editions: Pavel Bartoş, Elvira Deatcu, Dorel Vişan, Vlad Păunescu, Oana Păunescu, Irina Margareta Nistor, Dorian Boguţă, Istvan Teglas, Andi Văsluianu, Dan Bordeianu, Marius Olteanu, Dana Rogoz, Radu Dragomir.


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