Operation Kino is a common effort of four film festivals from the Balkan region, namely: Transylvania International Film Festival, Sofia International Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival Istanbul Film Festival and Odessa Film Festival.

The initiative aims at introducing audiovisual works to new audiences for theatrical distribution of foreign and European films in the emerging territories in Southeast Europe and to support the development of the next generation of filmmaking talent.

Each festival selects 10-25 feature films which are taken 'on tour' and screened in neighbourhoods, towns and regions previously underexposed to quality audiovisual content on the big screen.

Individual programs differ from country to country, from place to place, but the basis is the same – quality program and festival experience of film-watching are a guarantee that the audience will return in a movie theatre, open-air theatre outside days of festivals and festival towns.

For this audience to thrive, and, alongside them, a generation of authors who understand their preferences, apart from the most recognizable art house titles, Operation Kino also includes short films, made within projects of the aforementioned Festivals, intended for young talents film production.

In cooperation with Reelport GmbH, a number of participating titles, those with smaller circulation potential in particular, are offered worldwide on the Operation Kino Video on Demand platform, included and branded as such on each of the respective festivals websites. 

Also a selected number of titles from each of the different OK selection is on offer to digital cinemas across the world as an Operation Kino Cinema on Demand package operated by Reelport GmbH under their Europe’s Finest label. 

The project is supported by MEDIA Mundus.

More information on www.operation-kino.com